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If you found yourself upon my little chunk of the internet, I just want you to know I'm glad you're here at Aolani Of Course Photography website! If you are here, I'd like to think it's because of the art of photography in some way, shape or form. Whether you're a former client of mine, just browsing the area options, or a fellow artist like me looking for some inspiration, I want you to feel welcome and appreciated, because by me you are! I am always striving to learn and form my art and anyone who is helping me reach goals by giving me the experience and knowledge I'm looking for is a blessing to me.
The objective of this site is to simply showcase my work in a way that tells the client's story. Whether it's the story of expecting a new addition to your family or the story of capturing all the beauty of your home as you prepare to market it, I want to work with you to help both our visions come to life
I hope while you're here you will check out all I have to offer and get to know and    understand me and my truth. My hope is that you enjoy your time here and please, reach out 

!for anything


Bardstown, Kentucky


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