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Vintage Cameras

Hey There.

So a little about myself. First and foremost, the one thing I believe defines me the most is being a mother to three awesome (maybe just as crazy) kids! I love them to pieces, and they are truly the reason I ever started photography to begin with...about 9 years ago!

I got my first camera literally days after my second child (my girl Layla) was born. Even in 2013 phone cameras were nothing like they are today and I could no longer stand not having something to capture my beautiful babies with. But that definitely wasn't the first time I picked up a camera.

I LOVE photographing basically everything although portraits are my favorite, (human and animal) At a very young age, I'd say about eight years old was when I started asking family and friends for the black and white wind-up cameras for my birthday. (90's kid!)  Why b&w? Well even then I just loved the emotion and vibe a black and white photo gave off. I also loved looking at old photos of my family and ancestors. 

FUN FACT: My Grandfather was a photographer in a combat carrier group in the navy during the Vietnam and the Korean Wars (and was shot down twice.) My Grandfather literally captured history while it was being made which has always astonished me. I like to think that my "eye" came from him, but I know my love for it did! It truly does not matter whether I am behind a lens or if I'm on my iPhone...capturing and editing those moments in life is LOVE!

When working with me I want my clients and followers to know that I don't do this for the paycheck, and I hope my prices reflect that.. (Yeah, we all say that. But it's true) I do this simply because it gives me joy and worth. So many times, I have doubted myself and compared myself with other photographers who may be "further along" than myself. NO MORE! I do not care how JOE SCHMOW down the road captured a friend's photos. MY heart and MY love and MY time are what I put into my work and my goal is for that to show in the photos I capture. PLEASE REMEMBER! I will and want to work with all my clients UNTIL THEY ARE HAPPY! If you aren't happy with the product you get, neither am I and I will make it my goal for your next experience with me to be better. 

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