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Day Trip to Bernheim Forest!! 🌳🦌

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

So lately I’ve been trying to find any excuse to grab my camera and snap! Something about those first few days of spring weather and sunshine really puts me in the mood to capture all the beautiful things and people. Spring is also the season I tend to navigate toward when it comes to photos of my own family. So keep on the lookout!!

The session I want to highlight today was actually a fun - filled day at Bernheim Abortorium and Research Forest! It is such a beautiful spot not only for kid photography but ANYTHING with an outdoor feel and any time of year! I would definitely say it's one of my go-to spots! Bernheim is filled with beautiful structures as well that goes with any vibe you're seeking. Recently they added a whole outdoor kids area filled with wood, sticks, bricks (foam) and everything to get dirty in! Perfect, right? Seriously, check it out if you're in the Clermont, Kentucky area! (And no, I don't get paid for that link it's just really a cool place.)

So, about the session. Three toddlers under 3, two tweens, and two adults! Eek! Sounds scary right? Well sometimes you have to improvise and just not expect too much! During a session like this with kids and mom's just wanting some playful photos, I usually let them just be kids and PLAY! No real posing because I mean, what toddler really wants to sit still and pose when there's a whole world to explore out there? Obviously sometimes we have to get posey but the point is.. let them be little and have fun!

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