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Remember where you once were? That’s me! Read on!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

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Hey! And welcome to my very first post to the blog!! (EEK! 😬!) Super exciting stuff but I already know I will be second guessing every word I write! 😅 Just the way I am! But hey! If you’re actually looking at the blog, I’m stoked! Truly! Leave a comment and tell me what brought you here, because I truly am interested!! It’s exciting for me to think that someday, soon or not, my words and experiences could help someone! In a world filled with millions of people and who knows how many websites, you stopping here is nothing short of a miracle! 🤣🤩

But anyway…

my vision for the blog is to not only showcase a more in depth experience of Aolani, of course, but to explore other areas of my art as well. For 2022 I made it a goal to bring my photography to a new level, step out of comfort zones and try new techniques! I plan to share whatever experiences I have and hope to help or inspire in some way!

obviously, nobody can talk about photography just non stop..Anything And everything could end up here, photography or not! My journey with photography has been 9 years long so far and I still feel as if I’m just beginning. I have clients that have graciously asked me back, I’ve traveled for weddings and other events, I’ve captured animals and sports on a smaller level, helped small businesses with their presence and have captured many other things. I love it all! I am in no way the best out there, but I am always trying to learn more and connect with the ones who see me. I see you too! So just sit back, relax, and enjoy Aolani, of course!

Photographer's tip!...If you have a ring light with different settings, choose the setting based on the weather while getting ready for outdoor portraits!!

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