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From A Photographer to Her Clients.

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

What a BEAUTIFUL shoot this turned out to be. Let me tell you, unfortunate circumstances caused us to switch locations like what, three times? We were totally unsure about the location we ended up choosing but you know what I ALWAYS say. “It is what it is, "and “Everything happens for a reason!” “Something is wrong if everything goes right!” But let me just say… I just LOVE the way these photos came out! It was an extremely windy day which ended up working for us instead of against us. With the movement through Tracy’s hair and dress, it really helped with the vibe we were seeking. Although it was a high of like 69 degrees in Kentucky this day. It was yes, windy AF 🌬, but also an overcast day. The clouds were so interesting which made for some moody and classy photos Of Tracy and her hubs Jake for a few intimate shots!

……..Let me give you a little back log.

Tracy here is one of my longest clients! She was there for my very beginning photography days when she got a 1st year package with me when her daughter was born and wanted to do the same for her second child! We got just 2 of the 7 sessions completed when the COVID pandemic hit hard and little Hudson was growing like a weed! Obviously we needed some make up sessions and this was great!

Today, I am thankful for returning clients! a client that comes back multiple times is truly the BEST compliment! A client that believes in you and your dream is so unconditionally appreciated by someone like me! you clients keep us passionate dreamers going! You trusting us to capture YOUR memories, is nothing but a pleasure. What if you could be on the outside of your session? Even if a baby is fuss’n, hubs can’t smile the way you like and your tween is picking his nose in front of the photographer… we photographers get to be on the outside looking in..capturing those small moments you didn’t even know we saw. WE are the lucky ones!!

so, from a photographer to her clients old and new…THANK YOU!!!!🥰😁😊🙏🏼

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