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Updated: Apr 23

So, I want to re-introduce myself, and I may do this multiple times during the span of this blog because well...I change my mind on what I want to be when I grow up a lot 😅. But right now, I'm content with being a momtograper/ Homeschool teacher to my teenage son plus Mom to three more!!!... (Yep that's 4️⃣!!😆 The reason I believe it's important that I combine it all is because well... this is my life! Photography IS something I truly do passion... but let's be honest...we ALL like our family more than our job 😆 (Shocker, right?) 🫣😆 And you know... I barely know what I'm doing here 😅 So I appreciate the support just you.

showing up shows! (Seriously. I'm stoked)

So... Here I am! Aolani, of course! 😃

I started really practicing photography around 10 years ago when my first daughter was born but I have always loved cameras! When I was

younger I would ask my family for the wind-up cameras and just loved snapping photos of the most random things. During my teenage years I think I enjoyed being in front of the camera more than behind it if I'm being honest (I'm sure like any teenager I was full of myself and well... it was the 2000's)🫣😂and after having children I found myself wanting to capture every little moment. I've always appreciated the aspect of photography and that's to capture a moment in time. a memory. I love photos with a story behind them from chapter of life. a photo that you look at and can almost smell the memory and for that split second, you're back in that time. THAT is the type of photography I strive for! I do not want my clients to book me solely based on my skill but because they can relate to me during the everyday hustle and bustle of life! I don't want to be just your photographer, but I want to be your friend that's a photographer! If we have a session and I bomb it and you just don't look flattering or the lighting is off or whatever it is (it doesn't matter) I want you to feel comfortable enough with me that you can ask for a reshoot. (I'm kind of awkward in person but you'll get used to it 😬) Haha! And guess what. you can ALWAYS ask!! I will not be offended because. Well... I'm still learning photography and will forever be learning and perfecting my skills! (hopefully🖤) I truly don't even consider myself a professional even after 10 years. It just makes me feel weird because I know there's so much, I don't know,

but you know what I've learned is that this is nobody's journey but my own! 🥹 All I hope is that my clients old and new and anyone who reads this blog know how much I've loved and appreciated being your photographer and I hope you're ready to make tons of new memories together!! ✌🏻🫶🏼📸 *click*

Oh, and yes, my photo is from Snapchat! Momtographers don't get their picture taken often! It was my birthday, and your girl was feeling herself! 🖤🖤🖤🖤

Anyway... feel free to leave a comment or like or whatever and look out for more from this Momtographer in Kentucky!

Can't wait to see you!

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