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Then & Now 🖤🤍

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

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Well, here we are, my second blog post. I really didn't know it would be this easy to just talk about anything I want! I knew when starting the blog portion of my site, I wanted to do a lot of reflecting on myself and my passion (photography) because well, I believe you can't move forward and better yourself for the future without knowing where you've been. So, I thought, how about a "Then & Now post!" to reflect on my editing because let's face it..anyone who knows my work will tell you that editing is something I have always played around with and done differently than most. I tend to edit based on my mood and wherever my heart takes me. I try not to edit one session the same as the last because every client is different and has different needs. I really try to get to know my clients individually as much as I can during the session because that helps me later while developing something beautiful for you, based on your personal style. (So hey, if I ever have the pleasure of capturing you, tell me as much as you can!! I love it and I really do think back on our conversation while processing your photos. Weird? Maybe, ha-ha! But, isn't that art? a whole feeling? A whole vibe and personality? It is to me :) And that's MY VIBE!

So, let's dig into my take on "Then and Now." You've heard me talk about starting my photography journey the year my daughter was born. Well, check out this photo of both my kids from that year that I at least thought was good enough to post on my Facebook photography page. I very well could have edited this photo...but it just doesn't look like it! I see over exposure which was most likely the way I had my camera settings...(on auto no doubt!) and I see like..NO depth in this photo, no emotion at all! Goodness, Aolani! haha! I had some work to do.

Now to my NOW photo! Same photo, different editing (or just now edited ha-ha), but if I must say, I'm a lot happier with this photo! So much more warmth and depth which is something I NEED these days in my editing! I get "feeling" when I look at the new version and I hope y'all know what I'm talking about and I'm not just up here sounding crazy. What do you think? I would love opinions from other photographers!!

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